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The best decking wood

Wood is a natural product. In contrast to industrially manufactured goods, every decking board is therefore unique. Thanks to international quality standards and DIN norms, products from different suppliers and origins can still be compared.

How do I find the best decking wood?

There are subjective criteria, such as color and grain, and objective criteria, such as warpage resistance and durability, that decide on the choice of the right decking wood. For color and feel, it is best to use our free one Sample shipment. In addition, our Decision aid wood when searching for the wood that suits your project.

Here we want to explain the four most important objective criteria for the best decking wood. Woods that do not meet these requirements should be removed from your search.

Teak terrace with bench
Cumaru decking boards 120mm, Holzterrasse Berlin

Wood quality: Premium or FAS

FAS is the international standard for best sorting. Premium has established itself as a term in the German timber trade for the best sorting. The wood quality indicates how low the proportion of quality-reducing features is in the product. With the best sorting, cracks and hollow knots should only occur to a very small extent on the A-side of the decking. Pay attention to binding information from your timber dealer. Subsequent sorting or manual sorting also increases the quality of the floorboard selection. Ask your dealer for verifiable sorting criteria.

Durability: resistance class 1-2

Tropical types of wood usually have a longer outdoor life because they have better resistance to wood-destroying fungi. For a particularly long-lasting terrace, the wood should at least achieve resistance class 2. All decking at Betterwood reach at least this class. The classification is based on long-term tests according to the DIN standard. Of course, the position of the terrace is also decisive for its later durability (keyword: constructive wood protection). Wood is more susceptible to fungi in a damp and shady environment than in a well-ventilated and dry environment.

Teak decking 95mm, Switzerland

Drying: KD or technically dried

Drying has a decisive influence on the dimensional stability and dimensional stability of the wood. With a technical drying (English KD - kiln dried) later warping is better prevented than with exclusively air-dried wood. All decking at Betterwood are technically dried.

Origin: FSC® 100%

Especially with tropical wood, you should pay attention to the most sustainable and socially acceptable origin possible. The strictest international standard for wood from sustainable and fair production is the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certificate. Here, the environmental and social compatibility is regularly checked by independent controls. All wood products at Betterwood are FSC®-certified.

Cumaru Terrace 120mm Munich III

You should base your purchase decision on these objective criteria (wood quality, durability, drying, origin). All decking at Betterwood meet these four standards. Ultimately, however, it is of course crucial that you like the look of the wood and that you are satisfied with the advice from your timber dealer.

Tools for your terrace project

The Betterwood see aidto help you find the best decking wood. Try a few. And if you don't know what to do: Contact us with us.

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