Teak decking 95mm, wooden terrace Berlin


Calculate material requirements

At the beginning of a successful terrace construction is the calculation of the required material. There are helpful formulas for this – or you can use ours terrace calculator or terrace planner.

Material calculation formulas

A wooden terrace consists of decking boards, substructure and screws. There are also accessory products such as decking oil, wood care products and decking pads. You can approximate your material needs with these simple formulas. The basis, of course, is that you know the size of your desired terrace.

Decking boards

(1000 / (board width mm + joint distance mm)) x square meter
= decking boards (rm)


square meter x 2,5
= substructure (rm)


Decking boards (rm) x 5
= screws / clips (pc.)

decking oil

square meter x 0,065
= decking oil (litres)

Calculator and planner for material requirements

With the terrace calculator After a few adjustments, you can see how much decking, substructure, screwing and wood care you need. This is even more accurate with our terrace planner. There you will receive a precise offer including shipping costs and an installation plan.

Our decking boards

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