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In our blog we report on the development of rainforest protection, sustainable forest management in the tropics and new products that successfully combine quality and sustainability.

Blog Topics

Background information about our products can be found in this blog section. Here we test our decking wood for slip resistance or describe in short reports where our wood comes from and how it gets to Europe and to your home.

Here you will find all blog posts dealing with the protection of the forest and biodiversity. How can responsible forest management achieve sustainable environmental protection? What does it mean when a piece of wood is FSC®-certified? Find out more in our articles on the topic of the environment.

In our blog posts on the subject of service, we provide you with assistance on the correct care and assembly of our blades. Here you will also find out which wood is particularly suitable for outdoor use and how you can freshen up a gray wooden terrace.

Find out more about our company, our concept and the people at Betterwood. In the collection of topics “about us” we report on TV contributions from Betterwood, our trade fair appearances and innovations on our homepage. Here's where we've come from and where we're going.