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Protecting the rainforest with tropical timber trade – how is that supposed to work? Here you can find out more about our concept and which projects we support so that we can live up to this claim.


Sustainable, fair, climate-neutral and direct - this is how we achieve our goal: Best quality from sustainable sources at good prices


How do we work in our forests and sawmills - and where does the wood come from? Learn more here.


For every square meter of wood sold, we protect or reforest ten times the area of ​​forest. With these projects we succeed.

Rainforest protection through tropical timber trade

The challenge: stop the crowding out

The spread of industrial agriculture is the most important reason for the destruction of the rainforest. Forest areas are not destroyed because of the wood. It's about the area and profitable cultivation. Where there was forest a few years ago, there are now soya and corn plantations for animal feed or pasture for cattle breeding.

One solution: make the forest valuable

We believe that only responsible use can stop the displacement of the rainforest by industrial agriculture. The forest must once again become valuable and worthy of protection for the local people and be able to contribute to their livelihood. Controlled forest management can thus contribute to the protection of the rainforest. The video explains the principle of our work.

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