Teak elements 125mm
FSC 100%

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We offer the teak elements made of 125mm wide teak terrace boards in two substructure variants: The flat substructure is suitable for balconies and stone terraces with a low installation height. The strong substructure enables installation over the ground and - in combination with the XL pedestals - over steep slopes.

FSC Teak Decking 125mm


length element 30cm to 210cm (board length) (Please select)
width element 25,5cm to 90,5cm (2 to 7 planks) (Please select)
Wide planks 125 mm
Strength floorboards 21 mm
assembly height 45mm or 65mm

method of construction

Substructure already mounted
Gland Concealed stainless steel
feet Terrace pads or can be combined with Pedestals XL
elements connection for connection adapter


Species Teak (Apuleia leiocarpa)
Quality Premium quality of BioMaderas
Surface sanded smooth
durability Class 1
drying Technically dried
Origin GFTN of the World Wildlife Foundation


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Teak decking elements

With our teak terrace elements, the 125mm wide teak terrace boards are already screwed to a substructure by us. This makes laying much faster and easier than building a wooden terrace yourself. Usually no additional tools are required. The terrace elements are simply connected to each other using our connection adapters with a click system. The elements are available in two types of construction: the flat substructure for flat and solid surfaces with a low construction height, such as balconies. The structure with a stronger substructure for terraces above ground or in combination with pedestals over a larger slope. The patio elements are custom made for you.


✓ Set-up is quick and usually tool-free
✓ Concealed screw connection made of stainless steel
✓ weatherproof connection system with adapters
✓ including substructure
✓ certified origin

Which substructure?

The flat variant of the substructure is suitable for level and solid surfaces where no additional construction height has to be achieved (e.g. on balconies or stone terraces). The strong variant can be laid on surfaces that require a construction height of 5 cm or more. In combination with pedestals, even very uneven and sloping surfaces can be covered. We would be happy to advise you on which variant is most suitable for you.

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The origin

For these teak elements we use our 125mm wide teak decking boards from FSC®-certified origin. In our German joinery, the planks are then processed into our wooden terrace elements according to the individual order. Learn more about the Origin the teak planks.


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method of construction

Flat substructure (45mm construction height), strong substructure (65mm construction height)


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