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[bang ki rai]; [Shorea spp.]; Trade name Bangkirai (D, GB, F)



South and Southeast Asia, East Asia: India, Indochina, Philippines to Java

bulk density

0,65-1,16 g/cc

durability class


Differential radial shrinkage


Differential shrinkage tangential


wood color


wood structure

interlocked grain


Terrace wood

Bangkirai is not a separate tree species but a collective term for numerous Asian genera. Woods known as "Bangkirai" have the largest market share among tropical woods in Germany. The wood quality can vary greatly within the tree species group. Mostly the tree species Yellow Ballau is sold as Bangkirai. However, other types of wood can also be called Bangkirai. Therefore, unequivocal analysis of Bangkirai's technical characteristics is very difficult.

Best Seller Bangkirai

The types of wood with the trade name Bangkirai conquered the European market in the XNUMXs. The quality here was mostly very good. Goods that have recently been imported are more and more often found to have clear defects. Due to the strong demand in recent years, massive clearing of the wood has led to severe deforestation in Asia. Outside, the wood tends to wash out its ingredients and the associated soiling of the surface and surrounding components.

Alternatives to Bangkirai

The Betterwood we decided against importing Bangkirai because the quality risk is too great and the origin is often unclear. As an alternative to Bangkirai, see at Betterwood Decking boards from Garapa and Cumaru with very good technical characteristics.

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