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[Eben wood]; [Diospyros crassiflora]; Trade names: Andaman Marblewood, Bolong Eta, Kama gong

Ebony wood dictionary
Origin Africa, Central and South America
bulk density 0,9 g / cm³
durability class not in DIN-EN 350-2
Compressive strength 60-70 N/mm²
flexural strength 100-120 N/mm²
wood color black-brown
wood structure fine to medium-sized pore
Usage Grips, game pieces, billiard cues, musical instruments, veneer

Ebony trees come from a small group of the several hundred species Diospyros genus. The economically used black or color-striped woods are widespread in most tropical countries, but only occur very occasionally after massive felling in the past. Many trees of this wood species group are on the CITES list for endangered wood species. The wood is not available from sustainable forestry due to its endangerment.

Today, ebony is still mainly used as a material for musical instruments such as piano keys, xylophone boards, flutes, and as a veneer for classic wooden furniture.

Sources: GD wood, Wikipedia

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