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[Olea europea Linn, Olea lancifolia Moench, Olea verrudos Raf]; Trade name Ölbaum (D), Olivio (IT), Olivier d'Europe (F), Olive Tree (GB)



Mediterranean areas, Syria, Palestine, Anatalia and from southern Asia Minor

bulk density

810-900 kg/m³

durability class

k. A.

radial shrinkage

k. A.

Tangential shrinkage

k. A.

wood color

yellowish-white with reddish tinge and streaked with dark

wood structure

k. A.


Turned goods, small objects

Botanically, the olive (Olea europea) belongs to the oil family (Oleaceae) and is mainly found in the Mediterranean region. Olive trees are among the oldest trees in the world, reaching an age of over 2.000 years.

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